2 € Slovenie 2015 - Fondation Emona Maximize

2 € Slovenie 2015 - Fondation Emona

the 2 euros commemorative Slovenia 2015 coin commemorates the 2000th anniversary of the foundation of the Roman city of Emona (UNCirculated)

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  Banka Slovenije


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Emona is the former name of the current date and Ljubljana Roman times. In the early days of Christianity, among others Emona was an important economic and trade flourished. The city also had his divinity, the goddess who was worshiped Equrna to Barje. At the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Roman Emona declined aussi.En 452 the city was destroyed by the Huns led by Attila.

The central image of the coin is the composition of letters that form the word ‘EMONA’ or ‘AEMONA’ and a stylised design of Emona. At the bottom, in circular sense, the inscription ‘EMONA LJUBLJANA SLOVENIJA 2015’.

  • Weight (g) 8.50
  • Issuing country Slovenia
  • Issuing year 2015
  • Type €2 commemorative coin
  • Face Value €2
  • Composition Bi-metal (nickel silver / copper-nickel)
  • Quality Uncirculated
  • Diameter (mm) 25.75
  • Issuing volume 1000000

The Bank of Slovenia (SloveneBanka Slovenije) is the bank of issue and the central bank of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Bank of Slovenia is based in Ljubljana.Iit was established on 25 June 1991. Its primary task is to take care of the stability of the domestic currency and to ensure the liquidity of payments within the country and with foreign countries. It also acts as the supervisor of the banking system. It is a non-governmental independent institution, obliged to periodically present a report on its operation to the National Assembly of Slovenia.

The Bank of Slovenia joined the Eurosystem in 2007, when the euro replaced the tolar as the official currency of Slovenia.