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€2 Malta 2015 - Republic

The 2 euros commemorative coin Malta 2015 commemorates the Republic of Malta 1974. (UNCirculated)

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  Bank Ċentrali ta’ Malta


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The coin is the last in a series of five commemorating Maltese constitutional milestones. Malta was declared a republic on 13 December 1974 following constitutional changes which were agreed upon by a great majority in Malta’s Parliament. The design reproduces a marble tablet affixed to the façade of the Presidential Palace in Valletta to mark Malta’s change from a monarchy to a republic. At the top right, in semi-circle, the inscription ‘MALTA — Republic 1974’. At the bottom, the year ‘2015’.
The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.
(source : Official Journal of the European Union)
  • Weight (g) 8.50
  • Issuing country Malta
  • Issuing year 2015
  • Type €2 commemorative coin
  • Face Value €2
  • Composition Bi-metal (nickel silver / copper-nickel)
  • Quality Uncirculated
  • Diameter (mm) 25.75
  • Issuing volume 430000

Central Bank of Malta is the Mint for the republic of Malta

The Central Bank of Malta (MalteseBank Ċentrali ta’ Malta) was established on 17 April 1968. In May 2004, when Malta joined the European Union, it became an integral part of the European System of Central Banks. It was responsible for, amongst other things, issuing Maltese lira banknotes and coins, before Malta adopted the euro in 2008 and the Bank became part of the Eurosystem.

The Central Bank of Malta Act was originally published by means of Act XXXI of 1967. It has been amended a number of times, most recently by Acts I and IV of 2007 in order to provide for the Bank’s membership within the Eurosystem.