€2 France 2015 - Europe building peace and security since 1945 Maximize

€2 France 2015 - Europe building peace and security since 1945

The 2 euros commemorative coin France 2015 commemorates the Europe building peace and security since 1945. (UNCirculated)

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  Monnaie de Paris


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In the coin’s central field is a modern graphic representation of a dove. It is carrying an olive branch, the symbol of peace, whose branches have been replaced by the 12 stars of the European flag. The 28 countries of the European Union are represented by the ISO code for each country. The letters RF (République Française) are at the bottom of the coin. The mint marks are on the left-hand side and the year 2015 on the right.
The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.
(source : Official Journal of the European Union)
  • Weight (g) 8.50
  • Issuing country France
  • Issuing year 2015
  • Type €2 commemorative coin
  • Face Value €2
  • Composition Bi-metal (nickel silver / copper-nickel)
  • Quality Uncirculated
  • Diameter (mm) 25.75
  • Issuing volume 4000000

The Monnaie de Paris is "Paris Mint"

The Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), created in 864, is the oldest French institution. Administratively speaking, the "Direction of Coins and Medals", the national mint is an administration of the French government charged with issuing coins as well as producing medals and other similar items. Many ancient coins are housed in the collections maintained there. Though in the Middle Ages there were numerous other mints in provincial cities officially issuing legitimate French coinage struck in the name of the ruler, the Monnaie de Paris has always been the prime issuer.

source : Wikipedia